duminică, 11 iulie 2010

Nokia n8

 The Nokia N8 will be a real multimedia monster, because it's part of the N-line of Nokia.
Mobile phones within the N-line are capable of handling multimedia, like photos, videos, social networks and more. The N8 (formerly known as the Nokia N98) will contain a high-quality Carl-Zeiss/Tessar camera, with 12 megapixels. This camera can record in High Definition.
It will also contain a full QWERTY keyboard and 480*800 pixels screen, which is identical to the screen of the N900. This screen measures 2.5 inch and is multitouch.
The Nokia N8 runs on the brand new Symbian 3 platform, which will automatically synchronize with your online social networks. You'll be able to edit all menu's of the Nokia N8 yourself. More content for the Nokia N8 is available at the Ovi Store of Nokia.

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